Go Privacy

Ownership and types of data on Google Apps

Student-created work (e.g. documents, presentations, email, sites, etc.) are saved on Google servers.  Student records, grades, demographics, and other data are not.  
These data are stored on servers in the Regina Public Schools Division Office,  behind our RPS firewall.  For student and teacher work created in iGo [Google Apps] Google
Privacy and Security and Regina Public Schools Privacy rules apply.  Specifically:

All of a user's data is owned by the user and Regina Public Schools and Google makes no claim on the content. Specifically, here's what they have to say: 

Google Apps is governed by a detailed Privacy Policy, which ensures we (Google) will not inappropriately share or use personal information placed in our systems.

  • The Google Apps Terms of Service contractually ensures that students, faculty, and staff are the sole owners of their data.
  • Because faculty, staff & students own the data they put into Google Apps, we believe it should be easy for your users to move their data in and out of our systems.
  • The controls, processes and policies that protect user data in our systems have obtained a SAS 70 Type II attestation and will continue to seek similar attestation.
  • Google complies with applicable US privacy law, and the Google Apps Terms of Service can specifically detail their obligations and compliance with FERPA (Family Educational
    Rights and Privacy Act) regulations.
  • Google is registered with the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement, which ensures that their data protection compliance meets international standards.  
    Although these laws have no legal standing in Alberta or Canada, EPS believes that they do demonstrate Google’s commitment to the protection
    of personal information of our users.

At RPS we are using Google Apps for staff and student work. This student work includes, but isn't limited to lesson plans, essays, quizzes, videos we create, etc..
The data we are collecting and which will be stored on Google's servers includes student login information (First Name, Last Name, User name), and their network
login password. Passwords are encrypted and are cannot be read by either RPS staff 
or Google.  Your division needs to be familiar with this documentation and confident
that Google's privacy policies and security measures regarding the protection of personal information are protected in accordance with the FOIP Act and your division policies. 
However, under U.S. law your division cannot guarantee against the possible secret disclosure of information to a foreign authority as a consequence of foreign laws.  Your division
and project team must be comfortable with the risk associated with a possible "secret disclosure" and be one you are willing to live with in order to benefit from the educational and
collaborative features of Google Apps for Education.